Acts of Being, PDF
Gita Hashemi, 2005-2006

On one level, Acts of Being: Kazemi vs Libman was conceived as a 2-panel poster that documented email interventions by a large number of artists and cultural workers in a spontaneous and self-driven protest against the censorship by Robert Libman, mayor of Côte Saint-Luc, of a photo exhibit by Zahra Kazemi, the slain Iranian photographer, because of its critical reflections on Israel's war in Occupied Palestine. On another level, the project functioned as a site of mobilization, dialog and networking among the contributors. The publication was a collaboration under the umbrella of OpinionWare with designer Daniel Ellis. It was published in Fuse Magazine, Vol. 28 #4 (2005) and exhibited at Bethlehem International Center as part of Self Portrait; A Show for Bethlehem, in 2006 at Szczecin Officyna Art Space /Poland and at Casoria Contemporary Art Museum Naples/Italy, in 2007 at Museo Arte Contemporaneo, Santa Fe and MACRO - Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Rosario/Argentina. Curated by Agricola de Cologne.